Devices produced in Japan to terrify animals that represent a hazard to agriculture The sound of a bamboo rocker arm hitting a rock is a shishi-odoshi, which disrupts the silence of a Japanese garden.

Japanese devices such as the kakashi (scarecrow), naruko (clappers), and szu that are used to scare away animals that represent a hazard to agriculture. It is synonymous with szu in a narrower sense. A szu is a sort of Japanese garden water fountain. It is made up of a segmented tube, commonly made of bamboo, that is pivoted to one side of its center of gravity. Its heavier end is down and resting against a rock when it is at rest. A trickle of water into the tube's upper end builds up and finally moves the tube's center of gravity past the pivot, forcing the tube to rotate and drop the water. The heavier end then hits the rock again, generating a harsh sound, and the cycle begins again. That's what this japanese bamboo water feature is about.

Originally meant to shock animals such as deer boars that might be grazing on the garden's plants, shishi-odoshi are now a part of the visual and acoustic design of gardens, and are employed largely for their aesthetic value.

The 10 Most Beautiful Bamboo Water Fountains

The sound of trickling or flowing water from bamboo water fountains can transform your yard into a calming, serene retreat.

Here are ten of the greatest bamboo water fountains that are both affordable and simple to install.

These fountains can be utilized as a standalone water feature indoors or outdoors, or they can be positioned in a garden pond.

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The height of this outdoor bamboo water fountain may be adjusted up to 24 inches (60 cm).

It will produce melodic splashing sounds at its highest point, while the sound will be tranquil and pleasant at its lowest point.

The bamboo spout is made of Tam Vong bamboo, which is stronger by weight than steel and resists splitting and cracking better than other bamboo species.

Here's something a little different: a water garden! A water spout and sluices made of bamboo lead to a small pond.

Beginner (Multiple Days) Here's a quick and easy way to add a relaxing waterfall to your yard. This Japanese bamboo water feature is simple to construct. We'll show you how to build the bamboo sluice in a single day and we'll also show you how to build a small pond to catch the water complete with a pump and water plants, if you want to turn this into a weekend project.

vintage japanese tea set

With an Antique Japanese Tea Set, you can add a touch of history to your tea party.

A fine example of Asian craftsmanship is an old Japanese tea set. Any Japanese tea set created before 1952 may be referred to by this phrase. A Japanese tea set built after 1920, on the other hand, is known as a vintage tea set.

Any collection would benefit from the addition of a reasonably priced Japanese porcelain tea set. Beginning in the 1500s, Japanese tea sets and teacups were transported into Europe. The era of very old Japanese tea sets is usually determined by the Japanese dynasties. If you come across any of them, you'll need the assistance of a Japanese specialist to translate the markings. The dynasties are as follows:

  • Momoyama reigned from 1573 to 1603;
  • Edo (1603-1867) was a Japanese dynasty that ruled from 1603 to 1867;
  • Meiji (1868-1913) was a Japanese emperor who reigned from 1868 to 1913;
  • Taisho (1913-1926).
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Shinto and Buddhist beliefs are common among Japanese people